Camping adventure: the perfect way to start the spring season


With the start of the year, many people start to look forward to their first camping adventure. With its awakening nature and the first warm rays of sunshine, spring provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable camping vacation. However, the spring-like weather can sometimes be changeable and chilly, which makes careful preparation all the more important. To ensure that your spring camping trip is a complete success, we have put together five valuable tips for you.

Preparation and planning: the key to the perfect spring camping vacation

Camping is often associated with spontaneity and the freedom to leave everyday life behind. But especially in spring, careful preparation and planning is essential to ensure a smooth and enjoyable vacation. Nature awakens from its winter slumber and the landscape shows its most beautiful side. But the idyll can quickly be spoiled if you are unprepared for closed campsites or are surprised by unexpected snowfall. Here are some important steps you should consider before you leave:

1. plan your route

Rough route planning not only gives you security, but also helps you to use your time efficiently. This way, you can ensure that you can visit all the places you want while leaving enough space for spontaneous discoveries.

2. activities and undertakings

Think in advance about which activities interest you. Whether hiking, cycling or cultural sightseeing – a preliminary list of things to do can help ensure that you don’t miss any of the highlights of your trip.

3. selection and booking of campsites

Not all campsites are open in the low season. Researching and, if necessary, booking accommodation in advance can prevent disappointment. In addition, you can often benefit from lower prices in the low season. Booking early not only secures you a place, but can also save you money.

4. check winter equipment

Especially in higher areas or in the mountains, spring can still hold winter surprises in store. Find out about the current weather conditions and road conditions on your route. Winter tires or snow chains may still be a must for your safety.

Prepared for colder nights when camping

While spring offers pleasant temperatures during the day, which are ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling, it can get surprisingly cold in the evening and especially at night. The not yet fully warmed earth and clear nights often lead to a significant drop in temperature. To have a pleasant time camping even in cooler temperatures, the right equipment is crucial. Here are some essential items you should pack for your spring camping trip:

Warmer clothes for the night

Even if it may be warm enough for T-shirts during the day, you should plan to wear warmer clothing in the evening and at night. These include:

  • Warm sweaters or fleece jackets
  • Long pants
  • Hats and gloves, especially if you are camping at higher altitudes

Additional ceilings

Additional blankets are not only useful for extra warmth under the comforter, but also for sitting comfortably around the campfire on cooler evenings.

Hot water bottle for the sleeping bag

A hot water bottle can work wonders to pre-warm your sleeping bag and help you fall asleep quickly and comfortably.

Electric blanket as a mattress topper

For those who like it particularly warm and comfortable, an electric blanket as a mattress topper can be the ideal solution to make cold nights more pleasant.

Heating for the awning

A portable heater can quickly warm up the awning and create a pleasant living space even in cooler outside temperatures.

Heated seat for the camping chair

A heated seat for your camping chair provides additional comfort on cool days and evenings.

The right sleeping bag for your spring camping trip

When camping in spring, especially in cooler regions, the choice between a sleeping bag and a blanket is crucial for a warm and comfortable night. Although the decision is ultimately a matter of personal preference, a sleeping bag generally offers better thermal insulation than a blanket. This is particularly important as the nights can get unexpectedly cold in spring.

Sleeping bags are available in various designs, so that the right model can be found for every need and every weather situation. A winter sleeping bag is an excellent choice for people who get cold easily. Couples, on the other hand, might appreciate the closeness and warmth of a double sleeping bag. Regardless of the specific choice, a high-quality sleeping bag that is water-repellent, well-insulated and breathable is a valuable investment. It offers numerous advantages that are essential for a comfortable night’s sleep outdoors.

Features of a high-quality sleeping bag:

  • Optimum insulation performance: A good sleeping bag keeps you warm even at low temperatures and ensures a good night’s sleep.
  • Breathability: Especially in spring, when the weather can be changeable, a breathable sleeping bag ensures a balanced sleeping climate without sweating or freezing.
  • Water-repellent material: Ideal for damp nights, a water-repellent sleeping bag protects against condensation and light rain.
  • Body-hugging shape: A sleeping bag that hugs the body minimizes air circulation inside and therefore keeps you warmer.
  • Comfort and softness: In addition to functionality, sleeping comfort is also important. A soft and comfortable sleeping bag can make the difference between a restful night and a restless experience.
  • Compact pack size and easy stowability: An easy-to-transport sleeping bag is particularly important for campers who value minimal luggage volume.

A sleeping bag is therefore suitable for all weather conditions in spring and should not be missing from any packing list for a camping vacation. The right choice guarantees not only warmth and protection from the elements, but also a restful night’s sleep so that you can make the most of your days in the great outdoors.

Warm drinks when camping: a must for cool spring evenings

Hot drinks when camping

Whether you want to warm up after a long day of activities or just enjoy a leisurely morning at the campsite, hot drinks are an essential part of the camping experience – especially in spring. Coffee and tea not only offer a soothing warmth, but also a piece of home and comfort, far away from home.

Easy to take away and prepare

Coffee and tea are among the long-life foods that can easily be taken from home. There are various options for preparing food on the go that take up little space in your luggage:

  • Tea maker: Ideal for tea lovers to enjoy the perfect tea on the go.
  • Gas stove: A versatile utensil that is not only essential for preparing hot drinks, but also for the camping kitchen.
  • Espresso maker: For coffee lovers who don’t want to miss out on their morning coffee, even outdoors.

The right tableware

In order to keep your hot drink warm for as long as possible, camping-suitable crockery or a good thermos flask is essential. Holding a warm cup can provide additional comfort on chilly days.

Tea tips for campers

Storing your tea correctly and choosing warming varieties can make a big difference. Some teas, such as ginger or herbal teas, are known for their warming properties and can help to quickly warm up cold limbs. You can find more tips on selecting and preparing tea outdoors in our special tea tips for campers.

Evening campfire: a must for the perfect camping evening in spring

A campfire under the stars is undoubtedly one of the highlights of any camping trip. The combination of flickering light and cozy warmth creates an incomparable atmosphere of coziness and togetherness. Especially in spring, when the evenings can still be fresh, a campfire offers the perfect opportunity to warm up and enjoy the special atmosphere of nature.

The magic of the campfire

The magic of the campfire when camping
  • Extra warmth: After a day full of adventure, the campfire provides a welcome source of warmth to bring the evening to a pleasant close.
  • Authentic camping atmosphere: nothing symbolizes camping life more than a crackling fire. It is the focal point around which everyone gathers, tells stories and enjoys the freedom of being outside.
  • Connects people: A campfire brings people together and promotes a sense of community. It’s a time to switch off, laugh and share precious moments with family and friends.
  • Inspiration for conversations: The deepest and most exciting conversations often arise under the starry sky and in the glow of the fire.
  • Fun for the whole family: the joy of roasting marshmallows or stick bread is an unforgettable experience for children and adults alike.

Safety and environmental protection

However, when lighting a campfire, it is essential to act responsibly and observe all safety precautions:

  • Observe local regulations: Find out in advance about the regulations for lighting fires at your chosen campsite or in the region.
  • Risk of forest fires: The risk of forest fires can be increased in spring, especially after a dry winter. Choose the place for your fire carefully and always have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher ready.
  • Respect nature: only use fallen wood and do not leave any garbage behind. The fire should be completely extinguished before you leave the site.


A successful camping vacation in spring requires careful preparation: planning the route and activities, choosing suitable campsites and adapting to cool nights with the right equipment are essential. A high-quality sleeping bag, warm drinks and a shared campfire in the evening contribute significantly to the cozy atmosphere and strengthen the sense of community. It is important to always act in an environmentally conscious manner and observe safety guidelines. With these measures, nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable spring adventure.

At Neuss-Camping, we want camping to always be an experience, full of wonder, memories and magic. With our tips, you’ll be well prepared for camping in spring.

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