The Allgäu : Insider tips for motorhomers


Welcome to the Allgäu, the green heart of southern Germany! Imagine driving through gently undulating hills with majestic Alpine peaks rising into the sky on the horizon. In between, crystal-clear lakes sparkle, framed by lush green meadows where cowbells tinkle softly. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? But that’s exactly what the Allgäu is! A region that enchants with its natural beauty and diversity and invites you on a journey through beautiful villages, historic castles and untouched nature.

Insider tips in the Allgäu: discover the hidden gems of camping

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The Allgäu, a region known for its breathtaking nature and idyllic landscapes, also holds hidden gems for camping enthusiasts. Away from the well-known campsites, there are places just waiting to be discovered by you – real insider tips for an unforgettable camping experience.

For the adventurous, the Allgäu also offers hidden spots in the mountains where you can set up camp after a hike and fall asleep under the stars. These special places are often only accessible on foot or by mountain bike and guarantee an authentic experience of nature.

Camping in the Allgäu: adventures off the beaten track

You think you have already explored all the hiking and cycling trails in the Allgäu? It is time to rethink this assumption. There are paths whose hiddenness makes them impossible to find in any travel guide. Imagine a hike through a tranquil valley with only the sound of water and birdsong to accompany you. Or a bike tour along a stream that makes its way through untouched forests. These secret paths embody the genuine Allgäu experience – undisturbed, authentic and of breathtaking beauty.

Now to the crucial point: these hidden gems are ideal for motorhome drivers. The reason for this is simple: motorhome pitches are often located right at the start of these secret routes. For you, this means no time-consuming search for a parking space and no tedious lugging of luggage. You simply park, start your tour and enjoy nature to the full. And what awaits you after a day full of discoveries? Your cozy motorhome, possibly even with a spectacular view of the mountains. It is rare to find such simplicity and quality of travel experience.

Secret climbing opportunities and canyoning tours

Are you looking for the next adrenaline rush? The Allgäu offers you exactly what your adventurer’s heart desires. Discover hidden climbing crags that are only known to the locals, or venture into secret canyoning spots that lead you into the wildest gorges of the Allgäu. These places are a paradise for all those who are looking for the extraordinary and want to experience the Allgäu from a new perspective. Imagine climbing in a hidden place or rushing through a gorge – a priceless experience.

Safety tips and recommendations to get the most out of your experience

Safety comes first, of course! Even if these secret places are a real highlight, it is important that you are well prepared. Find out in advance about the difficulty levels, always take the right equipment with you and check the weather. A tip: The locals know their region best. A conversation at a motorhome site can provide you with valuable tips and advice. So be safe and well prepared to enjoy every moment of your Allgäu adventure to the full!

Traditions in the Allgäu and their fine delicacies

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  • Cheese dairies: The Allgäu is famous for its cheese production. Cheese from the region is produced in small Alpine cheese dairies using traditional methods. Whether creamy Camembert, strong mountain cheese or aromatic soft cheese – here you will find a large selection of Allgäu cheese specialties. Many cheese dairies also offer guided tours. This allows you to experience the cheese-making process up close.
  • Wineries and breweries:The Allgäu also has a growing wine scene. Vines thrive on sunny slopes that ripen into amazing wines. The region also has a long tradition of beer brewing. There are many small breweries that produce unique beer specialties. Taste your way through the liquid treasures of the Allgäu.
  • Kässpatzen: Kässpatzen are a popular dish in Allgäu cuisine. They consist of fresh spaetzle topped with spicy mountain cheese. The best Kässpatzen can be found in traditional alpine huts. There they are prepared by experienced chefs according to traditional recipes. The spaetzle are fluffy and juicy, the mountain cheese is tangy and aromatic. With a cool beer or a glass of wine – that’s how you enjoy Kässpatzen in the Allgäu.
  • Stories behind the products: Every glass of wine or beer tells a story. These stories are particularly exciting in the Allgäu. The winegrowers and master brewers are passionate people who love their homeland and present their products with pride. Many offer guided tours where you can learn not only about their products, but also their personal stories. This will give you an insight into the Allgäu way of life.


The Allgäu is a region in southern Germany known for its breathtaking nature and idyllic landscapes. Camping enthusiasts will find numerous opportunities for unforgettable experiences here. Away from the well-known campsites, there are hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

For the adventurous, the Allgäu also offers hidden spots in the mountains where you can set up camp after a hike and fall asleep under the stars. These special places are often only accessible on foot or by mountain bike and guarantee an authentic experience of nature.

The Allgäu also offers a variety of culinary highlights. Whether Kässpatzen, cheese, wine or beer – there is something for every taste. Taste your way through the liquid treasures of the Allgäu and get to know the stories behind the products.

If you are looking for an unforgettable camping experience in the midst of breathtaking nature, then the Allgäu is the perfect destination for you.

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