Safety first: the right equipment for your caravan or motorhome


Even in the world of travel and camping vacations, there is nothing more important than the right equipment for your caravan or motorhome. Whether you’re an experienced camper or a newcomer to the world of mobile freedom, choosing the right equipment can make the difference between a comfortable, stress-free vacation and a disappointing experience. In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to the fascinating world of caravan equipment and provide you with valuable information so that you can enjoy your travels to the full. Discover together with us how you can optimally equip your home on wheels to make every trip an unforgettable adventure.

Safety tips for older and new motorhome owners

Even if you are new to the world of motorhome travel, you can make your adventures safe and worry-free. In this blog section, we would like to introduce you to some essential safety tips for new motorhome owners. Whether you’re just starting out or preparing for your first trip, this advice will help you enjoy your travels while feeling protected. Let’s explore the basics of motorhome safety together so that you can enjoy your travels to the full.

The caravan mirror

There are often uncertainties in the area of caravan mirrors. We would now like to provide you with important information step by step:

Dispensing with the right-hand exterior mirror:

  • Please note that a right-hand exterior mirror is not required in many cases.

Choose width-adjustable mirrors:

  • When buying, make sure that the mirrors are adjustable in width to meet your individual requirements.

value good visibility:

  • The quality of the mirrors and visibility are of crucial importance.
  • We recommend that you take a test drive before purchasing to ensure that the mirrors meet your requirements.

The right caravan tires for your motorhome

Caravan tires are of the utmost importance for your safety on the road. You should always keep an eye on whether the tires need to be replaced. As a rule, tires need to be changed after about six years. However, the exact time also depends on how you treat your motorhome and how it is stored.

Proper care and maintenance of your caravan tires can significantly extend their service life and help prevent accidents caused by tire damage.

Protect your motorhome with a caravan lock

An important aspect of motorhome security is protection against theft. Especially on campsites, it is easy to leave the motorhome unattended for short periods of time, for example when you go to the swimming pool or canteen. Nobody wants to return home to find that valuables have been stolen from their motorhome.

To secure your motorhome, you should always make sure that the door is properly locked and use a caravan lock. These safety devices are available in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. A so-called caravan drawbar lock also prevents your entire caravan from being stolen, which provides an additional layer of security. Invest in these precautions so that you can enjoy your travels without any worries.

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Choosing the right caravan tractor unit

If you want to take your caravan with you on your travels, choosing the right towing vehicle is crucial. Most vacationers use their own car for this purpose. To ensure that your vehicle is suitable for this.

An important rule of thumb that you should follow is the 75% rule. This states that the weight of your caravan should not exceed 75% of the weight of your car when both are loaded. It is therefore very important to keep a close eye on the weight of your caravan.

In principle, any car can be used to tow a caravan. Nevertheless, some vehicles can handle it better than others. Especially on steep terrain, your car may have to exert more effort.

The tractive force of a car depends on various factors, including

  • The engine speed.
  • The tire size.
  • The gearbox.
  • The general stability of the vehicle.

Don’t forget to take these aspects into account to ensure that your caravan trips are safe and trouble-free.

Transporting bicycles with a caravan bike rack

Taking bicycles with you on your travels can enrich your vacation experiences. Although it is often said that bicycles are better transported in a car, it is perfectly possible to use a caravan bike rack.

One possible disadvantage of transporting bicycles on the back of your motorhome is the potential impairment of driving safety. If you nevertheless decide to use this method, you should pay particular attention to the nose weight. This usually requires careful distribution of luggage within the caravan.

Here are some points to check before you take your bikes on the back:

  1. Observe the speed limit: Never drive faster than 90 km/h to ensure stability while driving.
  2. Drawbar load when empty: Please note that an empty caravan can already have a considerable drawbar load.
  3. Driving experience: Make sure that you have sufficient experience in driving a motorhome, especially with additional load on the back.
  4. Check load capacity: Make sure that your caravan and the bike carrier have the load capacity for the bikes.
  5. Empty luggage compartment: Make sure that the luggage compartment in the caravan is empty in order to distribute the total weight optimally.

Once all these points have been considered and checked, you can safely take your bikes with you in the back of your motorhome and enjoy your travels to the full.


In this blog post, we have provided you with important information and advice on how to make your motorhome trips safe and relaxed. From choosing the right equipment for your caravan or motorhome to safety tips for motorhome newbies, we’ve covered the basics that are essential for a successful trip.

The safety of your motorhome or caravan should always be a top priority, and we understand that you may have questions about this important issue. Our local experts are always there for you and will be happy to clarify any safety concerns you may have.

Whether you have questions about vehicle stability, choosing the right safety equipment or other safety-related aspects, our experts are well informed and can give you valuable advice and recommendations.

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