Camping on New Year’s Eve



New Year’s Eve camping is a special way to say goodbye to the year and welcome the New Year in the great outdoors. Away from the noise of the city, it offers peace, campfire romance and a unique view of the fireworks. Whether alone or with friends and family, this experience creates lasting memories and the opportunity to reflect in the midst of nature. It reminds us how valuable simple pleasures and interpersonal relationships are.

Advantages of camping on New Year’s Eve

  1. Experience nature: Camping makes it possible to spend New Year’s Eve surrounded by nature. You can enjoy the fresh air, the tranquillity of the surroundings and the beauty of the starry sky.
  2. Peace and relaxation: In contrast to noisy city festivals, the campsite offers a quiet and peaceful environment, ideal for relaxation and recreation.
  3. Unique perspective on fireworks: When camping, you often have an impressive view of the New Year’s Eve fireworks without having to push your way through the crowds.
  4. Connecting with nature: Camping promotes a connection with the environment and creates a deeper understanding of nature.
  5. Community spirit: Camping with friends or family on New Year’s Eve strengthens interpersonal relationships and creates lasting memories.
  6. Time for reflection: The peaceful surroundings of the campsite offer an ideal opportunity to reflect on the past year and set goals for the new year.
  7. Reduced costs: Camping is often a cheaper option compared to expensive New Year’s Eve parties in the city.
  8. Healthy activities: New Year’s Eve camping offers the opportunity to enjoy healthy activities such as hiking, cycling or stargazing.
  9. Independence: When camping, you can design your own program without having to stick to fixed schedules or events.
  10. Adventure: Camping on New Year’s Eve can be an exciting adventure that makes the turn of the year an unforgettable experience.
  11. Environmentally friendly: New Year’s Eve camping is generally more environmentally friendly as you leave less waste behind and respect nature.
  12. Less stress: The pressure of organizing the perfect New Year’s Eve party or attending a big event is eliminated when camping. It’s a stress-free way to welcome in the New Year.

These advantages make camping on New Year’s Eve an attractive option for those looking for an alternative and enriching way to start the New Year.

Camping on New Year’s Eve: an alternative to the spectacular firework shows

In Germany, there are numerous impressive firework shows that light up the country on New Year’s Eve. These spectacular events attract thousands of people every year and offer an unforgettable experience.

Some of the most famous firework shows in Germany

  1. Fireworks over the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin: Germany’s capital is famous for its breathtaking New Year’s Eve fireworks display at the Brandenburg Gate. The historic landmark serves as an impressive backdrop for a spectacular pyrotechnics show.
  2. Fireworks at the Port of Hamburg: On New Year’s Eve, Hamburg offers an impressive fireworks display over the harbor, surrounded by numerous boats and ships. The colorful spectacle is reflected in the water and creates a fascinating atmosphere.
  3. Fireworks on the banks of the Rhine above Cologne Cathedral: Cologne celebrates the New Year with an impressive fireworks display over the majestic Cologne Cathedral and the banks of the Rhine. The picturesque backdrop and the impressive fireworks display are a crowd-puller.
  4. Romantic fireworks over Dresden: Dresden offers a romantic New Year’s Eve atmosphere with a magical fireworks display over the historic old town. The illuminated buildings and the festive atmosphere make this show an unforgettable experience.
  5. New Year’s Eve fireworks over the Olympic Park in Munich: Munich celebrates New Year’s Eve with an impressive fireworks display in the Olympic Park. The event offers a magnificent view of the city and the Olympic Tower, which shines in colorful lights.
  6. Relaxed fireworks experience on Sylt: The North Sea island of Sylt offers a relaxed New Year’s Eve experience with cozy fireworks on the beach. Here you can welcome in the New Year in a peaceful atmosphere surrounded by nature.
  7. Fireworks over the Frankfurt skyline: Frankfurt impresses with fireworks over its imposing skyline. The numerous skyscrapers become canvases for fascinating plays of light.
  8. New Year’s Eve fireworks on Lake Constance: Lake Constance provides a picturesque backdrop for impressive New Year’s Eve fireworks. The reflection of the fireworks in the water gives the event a magical touch.
  9. Fireworks over the old town of Aachen: Aachen celebrates the turn of the year with fireworks over its charming old town. The historic buildings and the sparkling fireworks create a magical atmosphere.
  10. New Year’s Eve fireworks with a mountain backdrop in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: In the Bavarian Alps, Garmisch-Partenkirchen offers a unique backdrop for New Year’s Eve fireworks. The mountain peaks form an impressive backdrop for the festive show.

These spectacular firework shows in Germany are a highlight of New Year’s Eve and attract people from all over the world. They offer unforgettable moments and create a festive atmosphere to welcome in the New Year.

Camping on New Year’s Eve without fireworks

There are a number of attractive destinations in Germany that are particularly suitable for a visit on New Year’s Eve. National parks and nature reserves are particularly recommended destinations. However, to ensure the protection of native wildlife, visitors are strongly advised not to set off fireworks in these areas.

The Lüneburg Heath National Park, the Harz National Park, the Bavarian Forest National Park and the Black Forest National Park are just some of the nature reserves worth visiting. There is an absolute ban on fireworks in the Harz National Park, while the regulations may vary in the neighboring municipalities. However, if your accommodation is in the immediate vicinity of the national park, you can look forward to a peaceful environment.

Furthermore, we must not forget the historic cities where fireworks could pose a potential danger to the historic buildings. For this reason, the setting off of fireworks is prohibited in the town centers and old towns of numerous cities such as:

  • Goettingen
  • Northeim
  • Wernigerode (Old Town)
  • Quedlinburg (Old Town)
  • Bad Gandersheim (old town)
  • Tuebingen
  • Constance
  • Hamelin

It is important to note that there are regions in Germany where the use of fireworks is severely restricted or even prohibited. Nevertheless, it cannot be guaranteed that it will be 100% silent. For this reason, it is recommended that you always keep your four-legged friend on a lead in such areas before and after New Year’s Eve to ensure their safety.

New Year’s Eve camping with a dog

New Year’s Eve with a dog can be a challenge. Especially in large cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and other metropolitan areas, there is a lot of shooting at this time of year. But even in other cities, a quiet turn of the year is often a rarity. Not only four-legged friends suffer from the noise, but also other animals and nature in general. However, a New Year’s Eve in Germany without firecrackers is still a long way off. If you want to spare your dog the fear and stress, we have collected some destinations and locations for you here where you can experience a firecracker-free New Year’s Eve with your dog.

First of all, we would like to mention that we cannot promise that it will be completely quiet anywhere. Nevertheless, the campsites and places we found are extremely popular with dog owners at the turn of the year. It is often explicitly pointed out that peace and quiet has priority in these places and that no fireworks are allowed. If you still want to secure your place, you should hurry, as accommodation is often booked out quickly. So let’s go for a relaxed New Year’s Eve with your dog.

These campsites are suitable for New Year’s Eve with a dog

Bavarian Forest: As the name suggests, the campsite “am Nationalpark” is located right next to the Bavarian Forest. On top of that, your dog is free of charge on the motorhome site, which is open all year round. The site itself is surrounded by forest and is located away from larger villages and towns.

Harz National Park: Although the motorhome site in Schulenberg is a simple site, it is very popular with dog owners at the turn of the year. There are only 10 pitches available here, but the location on Lake Oker is simply perfect for long winter walks with your four-legged friend. The campsite facilities include a power supply and a camper van disposal station.


New Year’s Eve camping offers a unique opportunity to say goodbye to the year in a very special way and welcome in the New Year in the midst of unspoiled nature. It offers the opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet and the romance of a campfire, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But the choice of destination plays a decisive role in a successful New Year’s Eve experience.

National parks and nature reserves in Germany are undoubtedly among the most popular destinations for nature lovers. However, we should refrain from using fireworks out of consideration for the local wildlife. These protected areas serve as refuges for various animal species that could be disturbed by loud noises and flashes of light during New Year’s Eve.

Historic towns have also decided to protect their old buildings from possible damage caused by fireworks. The firing of firecrackers and rockets is therefore strictly prohibited in the heart of these cities, where history and architecture go hand in hand.

In regions with a restricted ban on fireworks, it is advisable to keep pets on a lead at all times before and after New Year’s Eve. This ensures their safety and minimizes stressful situations for the animals.

Despite the restrictions and responsibilities that come with New Year’s Eve camping, this experience can be an unforgettable and enriching adventure. It offers the opportunity to start the new year in harmony with nature and at the same time act in an environmentally friendly way.

The entire Neuss-Camping team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you plan your New Year’s Eve camping adventure. We wish you and your family a successful start to 2024 and hope that you will create unforgettable memories.

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