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In 1931, Arist Dethleffs revolutionized the travel and leisure industry in Germany with a groundbreaking idea. Under the motto “Not without my family!”, the former manufacturer of ski poles and whips developed the country’s very first caravan, which he initially dubbed a “caravan”.

This innovation pursued the express goal of always being close to his family on long-haul business trips. At a time when the term “leisure” was largely unknown and family vacations were considered an exclusive privilege, the introduction of the Dethleffs caravan not only marked the beginning of a new travel era, but also the starting point of a significant development phase for the company, which later specialized entirely in the manufacture of caravans and motorhomes.

Since its foundation, the company’s close connection to its home base in Isny in the Allgäu region has been a defining characteristic. These deep regional roots and the long-standing tradition underline the high value placed on quality and innovation that the Dethleffs brand stands for in the manufacture of motorhomes and caravans. With the creation of the first German caravan, Dethleffs made a decisive contribution to revolutionizing the concept of family vacations and mobile travel, making it accessible to a wider public.

Dethleffs caravans past to present

The evolution of Dethleffs caravans from their launch in 1931 to the present day illustrates an impressive development in the areas of design, technology and comfort. Originally designed as a “house car” to accompany families on business trips, the first versions were rather plain and functional. They offered basic amenities and focused primarily on the needs of travelers who placed great value on being close to their loved ones.

Over the course of time and with increasing interest in caravanning as a vacation and leisure activity, Dethleffs has continuously developed its vehicles. Today’s modern Dethleffs caravans are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that makes traveling and life on the road much more pleasant and efficient. These include innovative insulation materials, energy-efficient LED lighting, advanced heating and cooling systems and high-quality built-in furniture and appliances that significantly improve living comfort.

In addition, the personalization of vehicles has increased significantly. Customers can choose from a wide range of layouts, equipment options and design elements to tailor their caravan to their personal preferences and tastes. The latest models also set new standards in terms of safety and environmental friendliness by offering improved driver assistance systems and the use of sustainable materials.

The development history of Dethleffs caravans therefore reflects the changing needs and expectations of travelers. From the humble beginnings as mobile accommodation that allowed the family to be close to each other when traveling, to the current state-of-the-art and customizable motorhomes, the Dethleffs path is characterized by a continuous search for innovation and improvement. The aim is to continuously improve the comfort and quality of mobile travel.

Dethleffs vehicle types

Dethleffs understands the diverse needs and wishes of camping and travel enthusiasts. For this reason, the company offers a wide range of vehicle types to meet every requirement. Whether you are looking for a compact caravan that is perfect for couples or small families, a spacious and luxuriously equipped motorhome that will satisfy even the most demanding travelers, or an innovative crossover model that combines the flexibility of a campervan with the comfort of a motorhome – Dethleffs has the right vehicle for you.

Every Dethleffs vehicle is designed to give you the best possible travel experience, whether for short trips or long-term adventures. Each model reflects Dethleffs’ many years of experience, commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. Discover the world your way, safe in the knowledge that your Dethleffs vehicle will accompany you reliably and comfortably.

Dethleffs semi-integrated

The semi-integrated motorhomes from Dethleffs are characterized by their outstanding aerodynamic design, compact dimensions and exceptional manoeuvrability. These characteristics are of particular benefit to those travel enthusiasts who attach great importance to sportiness and dynamism. These characteristics are further emphasized by a dynamically designed cab and a modern external appearance, making the vehicles a real eye-catcher.

In addition, the optional equipment with an additional fold-down bed offers extended flexibility, making these motorhomes the ideal choice for families or travel groups of up to four people.

Despite their compact size and the possibility of integrating an additional bed, these vehicles do not exceed the limit of 3.5 tons gross vehicle weight. This means that they can be driven without a special driver’s license and at the same time offer a considerable payload capacity. This makes them perfect for adventurous travelers who don’t want to compromise on comfort while on the move.

Vehicles Examples:

The combination of aerodynamic efficiency, compactness and flexibility makes the semi-integrated motorhomes from Dethleffs the ideal companion for all those who want to enjoy the freedom of traveling to the full without having to sacrifice comfort and style.

Dethleffs Integrated

The integrated motorhomes from Dethleffs represent the top class in the mobile travel companion sector. They are characterized by their seamless unification of the living and driving areas, which not only promotes a harmonious overall appearance, but also creates a feeling of spaciousness and openness in the living area.

An outstanding feature of this vehicle category is the expansive panoramic windscreen, which gives you as driver and front passenger an incomparable view and ensures a bright and light-flooded ambience in the interior.

The integrated models from Dethleffs are known for their excellent use of space, high-quality workmanship and the standard built-in fold-down bed, which offers additional sleeping options without compromising the living area. They are ideal for discerning travelers who attach great importance to comfort, design and an exceptional travel experience.

Vehicle examples:

With a variety of model ranges from budget-conscious to luxury options, Dethleffs ensures that the ideal vehicle is available for every preference and need to experience the joy of traveling to the fullest.

Dethleffs caravans

Dethleffs caravans are characterized by an excellent combination of comfort, functionality and style, which makes them perfect companions for a wide variety of types of travel. You benefit from a well thought-out room design that allows you to make optimum use of the available space while creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Each model impresses with modern features and the use of high-quality materials to make your travel experience as pleasant as possible.

Whether you prefer a compact model that is easy to tow and easy to handle on the road, or a more spacious version that offers luxurious living comfort on the road – Dethleffs has the right model for every requirement and taste. Particular attention is paid to the quality of workmanship to ensure the longevity of each caravan and thus provide you with many years of loyal service.

Vehicle examples:

Whether you’re looking for an adventurous weekend away or want to realize the dream of a long journey through diverse landscapes, Dethleffs caravans provide the ideal basis for exploring the world in comfort and style.


In 1931, Arist Dethleffs set a milestone in the German travel and leisure industry with the development of the first caravan. His innovative endeavor to be close to his family even on business trips led to the founding of Dethleffs – a company that today is regarded as a specialist for caravans and motorhomes and occupies a leading position in the industry.

With firm roots in Isny in the Allgäu and an impressive tradition, Dethleffs is committed to quality and innovation. This company is characterized by its ability to continuously respond to the changing needs of travellers, which is reflected in the ongoing optimization of its products in terms of design, technology and comfort.

Dethleffs’ diverse product range, which extends from compact caravans to luxuriously equipped motorhomes, appeals to the individual needs of customers and reinforces Dethleffs’ role as a pioneer in the world of mobile leisure.

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