Camping in the ski area: tips for successful winter camping


Winter camping is the perfect way to spend an adventurous outdoor vacation in the snow. The possibilities for activities are almost unlimited – from skiing or snowboarding to ski and splitboard tours and snowshoeing. Here, everyone gets their money’s worth and can have fun on the slopes.

The advantages of winter camping for winter sports

One of the main concerns of passionate skiers is to be the first on the freshly groomed piste. No problem if your camper is right in the ski area! Most campsites are located in the immediate vicinity of the lifts, so you can be there with your camper in just ten minutes.

Advantages of camping for winter sports

  1. Close to the slopes: Campsites near ski resorts provide quick access to the slopes. You save time and can be one of the first on the freshly groomed slopes.
  2. Inexpensive accommodation: Camping is often an inexpensive alternative to expensive hotels or ski lodges, making winter sports vacations more budget-friendly.
  3. Cozy atmosphere: The campfires and communal camping life give your winter sports vacation a cozy and sociable atmosphere.
  4. Flexibility: With a camper or tent, you are flexible and can explore different ski resorts and locations according to your wishes.
  5. Close to nature: Camping allows you to enjoy the natural surroundings and the tranquillity of the mountains in winter.
  6. Equipment storage: Camping often offers the opportunity to store your ski equipment conveniently and safely.
  7. Independence: You are independent of fixed accommodation and can organize your vacation according to your own ideas.
  8. Adventurous experience: Camping in winter adds a touch of adventure and exploration to your winter sports vacation.
  9. More time on the slopes: You can make the most of your time and spend more hours on the slopes without long journeys.
  10. Relax in nature: After a day on the slopes, you can relax and recharge your batteries in the peaceful natural camping environment.

Overnight stay at the ski lift

If that’s not enough for you, you also have the option of setting up your parking space directly at the lift parking lot. However, this is not permitted in all ski resorts, although it is not expressly forbidden in some ski resorts. We have had positive experiences with camping at the parking lot in the following ski resorts:

  • Kitzsteinhorn
  • Mühlbach (Hochkönig)
  • Flachau (officially permitted here)
  • Rußbach (Dachstein West)
  • Flachauwinkel (direction Zauchensee)
  • Katschberg (Sankt Margarethen)

However, we recommend that you check with the respective ski resort in advance to ensure that you are not unexpectedly turned away by the mountain rescue service.

Camping in first-class snow-sure ski resorts

If you like variety, you have the option of choosing a new camping ski area every day. You can explore various ski resorts in the Alps with the campervan, so you’re guaranteed not to get bored on your winter vacation.

With a campervan, you are practically guaranteed snow on your winter vacation. You are not tied to a specific Alpine region, but can choose your pitch spontaneously according to snow conditions and weather. With a bit of luck, you might even be able to go winter camping in the cold season in Germany, in the Berchtesgaden Alps or Garmisch-Partenkirchen. If there is not enough snow here, you have the flexibility to simply travel to Austria and set up camp near the slopes in Ötztal, Salzburger Land or in glacier ski areas.

Tips and preparation for winter equipment for the camper

If you want to prepare your camper for winter adventures, the right winter equipment is crucial. Find out more about the necessary equipment and tips for preparing for winter camping in our blog:

Here you will find detailed information to help you prepare your camper for winter and enjoy your winter vacation to the full.

Tips for efficient ski and snowboard storage in the camper

Storing skis and snowboards in the camper requires a little organization to save space and keep the equipment safe. Here are some tips on how to stow your skis and snowboards efficiently in the camper:

1. ski racks or holders: Invest in ski racks or holders that can be attached to the outside of your camper. These allow you to transport your skis and snowboards safely and comfortably without taking up valuable interior space.

2. interior organization: If you need to store your equipment inside, use ski bags or snowboard covers to protect it from damage. Place the equipment in a corner or under a bed to make optimum use of the space.

3. ski boots and snowboard boots: Use special bags or containers to store ski boots and snowboard boots. Make sure they are well ventilated to prevent moisture and odors.

4. safety: Make sure that your skis and snowboards are well secured during the ride to avoid injury or damage. Use safety belts or other fastening methods.

5. drying: After a day on the slopes, allow your equipment to dry thoroughly before storing it in the camper to avoid moisture problems.

6. maintenance: Check your equipment regularly, especially the bindings and edges of skis and snowboards, to ensure that they are in perfect condition.

7. space-saving solutions: Think about space-saving solutions, such as stacking skis and snowboards or using wall hooks to hang your equipment.

With these tips, you can store your skis and snowboards safely and space-savingly in the camper so that you can enjoy your winter adventures to the full.


Winter camping offers an adventurous experience in the snow. Thanks to its proximity to the slopes and affordable accommodation, it is an ideal choice for winter sports enthusiasts. The cozy atmosphere of the campsite and the flexibility to explore different ski areas make for unique experiences.

A special highlight is the option of camping directly at the lift parking lot, which is not permitted in all ski areas. We have had good experiences in some of them, including the Kitzsteinhorn, Mühlbach, Flachau, Rußbach, Flachauwinkel and Katschberg. Please inform yourself in advance about the rules on site.

With camping, you have the freedom to choose your ski resort every day and can even camp in Germany or Austria. Our blog “Winter camping: preparing for the cold season” offers helpful information on winter equipment, and in “Tips for efficient storage of skis and snowboards in the camper” you will find advice on how to store your equipment safely. Enjoy an unforgettable winter vacation in the ski area!

If you have any questions, our team at Neuss-Camping will be happy to help make your winter vacation in the ski area an unforgettable experience.

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