Buying or renting a motorhome: The ultimate checklist for your freedom on wheels



Your own motorhome means pure freedom! This article will tell you everything you need to know if you want to buy a motorhome.

Which motorhome suits you best?

The choice of the ideal motorhome depends on numerous factors. Your individual requirements, planned activities and, of course, your financial budget play a decisive role. It is therefore advisable to ask yourself the following questions first, whether you are renting or buying:

Motorhome rental – your checklist

Creating a checklist for renting a motorhome is crucial to ensure that no important aspect is overlooked. A list like this will help you organize choosing the right motorhome, securing the insurance you need, planning the route and making arrangements for campsites in advance. With a well-thought-out checklist, you can enjoy a smooth and stress-free vacation in a rented motorhome.

Set budget

Determine your budget for the motorhome rental, including the rental costs, deposit and additional fees.

Plan the duration of your trip

Think about how long you need the motorhome for and book accordingly.

Check driving license requirements

Make sure that you have the required driver’s license for the motorhome you want.

Check camping equipment

Find out what equipment is included in the motorhome and make sure it meets your needs.

Read the rental agreement carefully

Read the rental agreement carefully before you sign so that you don’t overlook any unexpected fees.

Understanding return conditions

Clarify the return conditions and inspection procedures for the rented motorhome in advance.

Sunlight motorhome T68

Buying a motorhome – your essential checklist

If you’re thinking about buying a motorhome, creating a checklist is crucial to ensure your decision is well thought out. This checklist will help you to consider all relevant aspects, starting with your budget and the technical details of the vehicle, through to checking the vehicle’s history. With this carefully prepared checklist, you can ensure that you don’t overlook any important information. This way, you will end up with a motorhome that meets your needs and expectations. This in turn helps to avoid costly mistakes and ensure a worry-free travel experience.

Set budget

Determine your budget for the motorhome purchase, including all additional costs such as insurance, taxes and maintenance.

Select motorhome type

Decide which type of motorhome you want (integrated, semi-integrated, alcove, panel van, caravan, etc.).

Check equipment

Make sure that the motorhome has the desired equipment and functions.

Papers and documents

Make sure that you have all the necessary papers and documents.

Check insurance costs

Find out about the insurance costs for the model you have chosen.

Payload and payload

Check the load capacity and payload of the motorhome to ensure that they meet your needs.

What are the prices for campers?

You’re probably wondering how expensive campers are, aren’t you? This issue has become increasingly important in recent years, mainly due to the impact of the coronavirus crisis. The camping industry has experienced a remarkable upswing as travelers appreciate the independence of their own mobile home and want to be more flexible in their travel plans.

The high demand for camper vans led to price increases and supply bottlenecks for new vehicles. However, prices for motorhomes have also risen noticeably. Here we give you an overview of different types of used vehicles and give you a rough idea of the prices.

The panel van

You may be wondering what exactly campervans are, right? Campervans are basically vans with practical sliding side doors. Inside, they often offer sleeping accommodation in the rear area. Surprisingly, however, there is also space for a small kitchen, a cozy seating area and even a compact bathroom in this limited space.

Many of these models also have a flexible pop-top roof or a fixed high roof to offer even more living comfort.

Below you will find some well-known examples from this category:

Globevan Trail OneDethleffs56.900 €
Grand California 600Volkswagen59.900 €
Opel FlexCrosscamp66.900 €
Free 602HYMER / ERIBA / HYMERCAR74.350 €

Semi-integrated motorhomes

In these vehicles, the original bodywork is retained, while a special body functions as a living area. The driver’s cabin remains unchanged, but a swivel function allows the front seats to quickly become part of the living room. Many semi-integrated motorhomes have a bedroom in the rear, and there is often also a fold-down bed for additional sleeping space. Please note, however, that this bed can block access to the seating area when it is folded down. This is why many campers opt for more storage space and do without this solution. If you are interested in used models of these clever motorhomes, you will usually find good value for money.

Some examples from this category:

Just 90 T 7052 DBLDethleffs77.352 €
Adventure T 68Sunlight79.730 €
Venture S MercedesHYMER / ERIBA / HYMERCAR250.805 €

Motorhome with alcove

Would you like to find out more about alcove motorhomes? These special vehicles belong to the category of semi-integrated motorhomes and are characterized by a bed above the driver’s cab, which gives them their characteristic “nose”. This design creates a lot of space in the rest of the living area.

The benches can be converted into additional sleeping space if required. With an alcove model, you get a lot of space and flexibility for your money.

A 70 SAT Sunlight54.900 €
A 60Sunlight63.381 €

Fully integrated motorhomes

In these models, the entire vehicle is designed as a motorhome, including the cockpit with a large panoramic window. A characteristic feature is that the driver’s cab does not have its own doors. The upscale furnishings offer plenty of living comfort and there is ample storage space. However, please note that fully integrated motorhomes are generally somewhat more expensive than semi-integrated models, even when used.

Adventure I 67SSunlight85.682 €
Alpa I 7820-2Dethleffs179.000 €
B-Class ML I 780HYMER / ERIBA/ HYMERCAR205.470 €

These price lists of the respective vehicles give you a brief overview of the prices you can find on our website for buying or renting to make your personal dream come true.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying and renting privately compared to buying and renting near Neuss

You can either buy a motorhome from private individuals or directly from us. Please note that both options have advantages and disadvantages, which depend primarily on your personal wishes and priorities.

Private purchase: advantages and risks

If you decide to buy a motorhome, there are both advantages and disadvantages to consider. This applies in particular if you decide to make a private purchase.

Advantages of private purchase

You have the opportunity to purchase used mobiles in good condition from private sellers at a bargain price.

If you are also able to carry out repairs and conversions, you can benefit even more. Some motorhomes would be sold by dealersinside, as they are in a less good condition. Motivated screwdriversHowever, inside you can restore such models and save a lot of money in the process.

Disadvantages and risks

Here we would like to give you a short list of the disadvantages and risks you should be aware of!

No liability for material defects

Private sellers are not liable for defects in the motorhome.

No obligation to warn of defects

There is no obligation to inform you of defective or worn parts of the vehicle.

No right of return

Once you have purchased and driven your motorhome, it is yours for good. There is no right of return or withdrawal.

Recognize defects yourself

When viewing a used motorhome, you should be able to detect defects yourself.

Estimate repair costs

It is important to be able to roughly estimate the possible repair costs.

Potential bargain or “junk car”

You can only find out whether it is a real bargain or an inferior vehicle by carrying out a thorough check.

Advantages compared to buying privately

When you buy a motorhome from a dealer, you benefit from various advantages. Here are some reasons why buying or renting can be a good option:

Liability for material defects

We are legally obliged to accept liability for defects in the vehicle. You therefore have a certain degree of protection if problems arise.

Extensive selection

We have a large selection of motorhomes of different makes and models, so you can find exactly the right vehicle for your needs.

Professional advice

We have specialist knowledge and experience and can give you expert advice on choosing the right motorhome and answering questions about technology and equipment.

Customer service and support

After the purchase, we are available for questions and support, be it regarding the vehicle or the handling of warranty claims.

Of course, Neuss also offers you many other benefits to make it easier for you to use our service – whether you are renting or buying.


Choosing the right motorhome is crucial and depends on a variety of factors, including your individual needs, planned activities and financial budget. Whether you decide to rent or buy, there are some important considerations you should take into account.

Regardless of whether you decide to buy or rent a motorhome, careful planning and consideration is crucial. A well-structured checklist can help you make the best decision for your needs. If you need more information on prices for your camper, you should check our website to find the latest prices and offers and make your travel adventures a reality.

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